Let's get it started.

Not sure how to get your party started? Leave it to us to get you going. Our party starters will keep your mouth watering and leave you ready for what's coming next. Call now to order: 864-768-9474

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Our homemade buffalo chicken dip is a mix of fresh chopped celery, garlic roasted chicken, buffalo sauce, cream cheese and other Dixon Family secret ingredients. Served with flavored tortilla chips.

 $55- 2qts.  feeds 6-8ppl.

Primo Gringo Empanada's 

Our Dixon Family secret homemade empanada dough and filling are fried to a perfect golden brown. Beef, chicken, or pork. Buffalo chicken empanadas available also.

 $60- 15pcs. feeds 6-8ppl.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Hand cut green tomatoes, breaded and fried to perfection. Topped with Cabernet onions, feta, and basil.

$45-15pcs.  feeds 6-8pp.l


Your choice of beef, pulled pork, or pulled chicken. Served with caramelized onions and G-ma's BBQ sauce. On a Hawaiian roll.

$65-15ea.feeds 6-8ppl.

Crabcake Bites

Crabcakes rolled into mini balls then breaded and fried. Served with a dill cream sauce.

$85-15ea. feeds 6-8ppl.

Shrimp &Grits Cakes

Shrimp, andouille, and onions sauteed together, then mixed with rich creamy grits then floured and fried. Served with a lemon and tomato cream sauce.

$75-15ea feeds 6-8ppl.

Bakalava Wings

These unique wings are smoked and flavored with ingredients seasonings used to make Baklava. Tossed in a honey lime garlic sauce. Topped with pistachios. Available as cauliflower also.

$69- 24ea. feeds 6-8ppl.

Hummus Crudité Platter

Chickpea Hummus paired with broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, and grilled pita bread.

$55- feeds 6- 8ppl.


Look at our luscious garden.

You think you know salads? Think again. We have fun with our greens. We bring you salads in a way you have never seen before, we pair ingredients that you haven't seen paired to give you a salad that no one else can give you. This is our garden.

Primo Gringo's Ensalada

Crisp Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast, flavored tortilla chips, charred jalapenos, black beans, grilled corn, diced red peppers, and pepper jack cheese. With a side of Primo Gringo's salad dressing, as a creamy dressing or as a vinaigrette.

 Half Pan- $48 feeds 5-8ppl.

G-ma's BBQ Chicken Salad

Crisp Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast, diced white onion, crispy potato pieces, chopped apple wood bacon, oven roasted tomatoes, fresh chopped celery, and cheddar cheese. With a side of Grandma's BBQ Sauce salad dressing, as a creamy dressing or as a vinaigrette.

 Half Pan-$48 feeds 5-8ppl.


Welcome to Dixon Family's Homemade soup selection.

 We want our homemade  family soups to bring you to our dinner table and give you a piece of our love and passion. Our unique soups are a blend of old school classics with new school flavors. This is a combination our family really enjoys, and we know the guest at your event will as well.

Cheesy Broccoli & Bacon Chowder

Our Cheesy Broccoli & Bacon  Chowder has roasted red potato pieces, crispy chopped apple wood bacon, diced sauteed white onions, and fresh tender broccoli.Slowly simmered in a creamy pepper jack and cheddar cheese sauce. 

 2qts.-$36 feeds up to 8ppl.

Aunt Carolyn's Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup

Juicy roasted  pieces of light and dark chicken paired with sauteed diced white onions, celery and carrots. Then simmered in our very own chicken and vegetable broth, and finished with freshly squeezed lemon juice, and fresh chopped cilantro.
Served with homemade fettuccine noodle pieces.

 2qts-$30 feeds up to 8pp.


Sauteed onions, celery, jalapenos and chili beans in a homemade tomato sauce. Available with beef, turkey, chicken, or mushrooms for vegetarian. Topped with green onions, sour cream, and cheddar cheese.

$34- 2qts. feeds 6-8ppl

Smoked Corn & Bean Soup

Smoked corn, Great northern beans, broccoli, squash and mirepoix sauteed together. Cooked in a homemade veggie stock.

$34-2qts. feeds 6-8ppl


Experience fresh bold flavors

 Our family is a mix of different nationalities, therefore we have always enjoyed comfort foods from around the world.  We have put a twist on classics from around the world, and from our own family secret classics, creating flavors like non other.

Big Sis' Spanish Rice

Chicken breasts or  thick cut boneless pork chops, diced white onions, fresh chopped garlic, diced jalapenos, and diced tomatoes, simmered in tomato juice, homemade  chicken broth, and lemon juice. Served with seasoned white rice. Garnished with Primo Gringo's Guacamole.

 Half Pan-$59 feeds 5-8ppl.

Chicken Paprika

Marinated chicken thighs seared then baked with fresh chopped green peppers, diced onions,
jalapenos, and tomatoes, and of course seasoned with Paprika and other Dixon Family secret ingredients.

 Half Pan- $59 feeds 5-8ppl.

Big Bro's Meatloaf

A mix of sausage and beef baked with Diced celery, chopped onion, chopped garlic, fresh chopped rosemary, and glazed with Grandma's BBQ Sauce to finish.

 Half Pan-$55 feeds 5-8ppl.

Aunt Cho's Korean Delight

Marinated and seared country spare ribs, crunchy baby corn, fresh sno peas, broccoli pieces, chopped green onions, diced red peppers all simmered together in rich coconut milk, served with sticky rice.

 Half Pan- $58 feeds 5-8ppl.

Familia Classica Pasta

Sausage and ground beef sauteed with fresh chopped celery, diced onion, and grated carrots then simmered in our very own New Classic Tomato Sauce, and our own Family blend of seasonings.
Served with our homemade Fettuccine Egg Noodles.

Half Pan- $59 feeds5-8ppl. 

Veggie Lasagna

Marinated and roasted eggplant, red peppers, and portobello mushrooms brilliantly paired with layers of homemade egg noodle sheets that have been covered with cilantro pesto flavored ricotta cheese and topped with our own Uncle Al's White Sauce, and garnished with shredded parmesan cheese.

Half Pan-$59 feeds 5-8ppl.

 Uncle Hunter's Chicken

Marinated Chicken breasts or thighs which ever you prefer seared to perfection then baked with sliced mushroom, chopped shallots, diced tomatoes, capers, and New Classic Hunter's Sauce.

 Half Pan-$59 feeds 5-8ppl.


Seared Andouille, trinity vegetables, and succulent shrimp stewed in a tomato sauce. Served over dirty rice. 

Half Pan- $69 feeds 6-8ppl.

Shrimp & Grits

Seared chicken applewood sausage, jumbo shrimp, and sauteed shrimp, simmered with veggie stock and cream until thickened. Served over rich and creamy grits.

Half Pan- $69 feeds 6-8ppl.


A  wide world of barbecue.

Across the different regions of America you will find different styles of barbecue. The same is true across the world, but we are largely familiar with only our  style of barbecue. We are here to change that. Come see, how the world, does barbecue.

Bro's Classic BBQ

Chicken, Beef Ribs, or Pork Ribs, rubbed in our very own blend of spices, then marinated in our own house made marinade for one day then rubbed again before being grilled over charcoal and hickory wood chips then basted with Grandma's BBQ Sauce.

Half Pan (2 racks)-$58 feeds 5-8ppl. 

Uncle Chuck's Char Siu

Chicken, Beef or Pork Ribs marinated in our own Char Siu Hoisin style marinade for one day, then rubben in our own Char Siu Rub then grilled over a high flame to create a light crust then basted with our Char Siu Hoisin Sauce to create a sweet and savory flavor.

 Half Pan (2 racks)-$59 feeds 5-8ppl.

Kris' Korean BBQ

Chicken, Beef or Pork Ribs marinated in our own Korean style marinade for one day, then grilled to perfection then basted with our very own Korean BBQ Sauce.

Half Pan- (2 racks)- $59 feeds 5-8ppl. 


Chicken breasts, Beef Round, or Pork Shoulder rubbed and marinaded in our own blend of seasonings, then slow roasted for 12 hours until it's fall apart tender, then pulled apart.

Half Pan- $60 feeds 5-8ppl.


The staple of every meal

Many people consider the side dish to be more important than any meat choice. We believe this to be true because you can't have a meal without company. Our hearty side are just what you need to bring your meal together.

Ma's Macaroni & Cheese

Our Macaroni and Cheese is elbow noodles, mixed with a pepper jack and cheddar cheese cream sauce, flavored with roasted garlic, and spices.

 Half Pan-$33-feeds 5-8ppl.

Sevilla's Scalloped Potatoes

Thinly sliced potatoes baked with jalapenos, diced onions, roasted garlic, chopped bacon, and spices, in a cream based sauce.

 Half Pan- $32- feeds 5-8ppl.

Country Green Beans

Blanched green beans, mixed with boiled red potatoes, chopped bacon, chopped garlic and diced onions.

Half Pan- $30-feeds 5-8ppl. 

Rice Pilaf

Sauteed Rice with chopped onions, chopped garlic, bay leaves and spices. Baked in chicken stock.

 Half Pan- $29- feeds 5-8ppl.


You found our sweet spot.

You think you're done? It's just getting better.  The final touch that you have been waiting for. Rich, sweet, decadent dessert. Anyone?

Chocolate Karamello Dulce De Leche Cheesecake

Cream cheese perfectly blended with milk chocolate, our very own homemade Karamello, and dulce de leche cream baked with a chocolate crumble crust.

1 cake $29- 8pcs feeds 5-8ppl. 

Big Ole Cookies

The classic cookie flavors you love with a Dixon Family twist and double the size you are used to so you have more classic Dixon Family flavor to love.
Available in Chocolate Chip, Peanut butter, and Oatmeal Raisin.

 1 dozen- $24 feeds up to 12ppl.

Kris' Kreamed Ice

A creamy custard base churned until it is lusciously light and airy to make to perfect Kreamed Ice. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, and Butter Pecan.

 1 Gallon- $23 feeds up to 15ppl.

Spiced Pecan and Karamello Pie

Candied and spiced pecans paired with our very own homemade Karamello and other Dixon Family secret ingredients with baked with a pastry crust.

1 pie- $25- 8pcs feeds up to 8ppl. 

Roased Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potatoes that have been roasted until beautifully caramalized mixed with those wonderful Dixon Family ingredients and baked with a pastry crust.

 1 pie- $23- 8pcs feeds up to 8ppl.