Dixon Family Catering LLC

Mission Statement

To provide high quality, but inexpensive, homemade style comfort food to the public. While helping to build stronger communities and tight knit neighborhoods.

"All around comforting"

Our style of food 

Our food is our own creative take on classical and modern comfort dishes from different nationalities around the world, and even different regions right here in America.

We don't stop there. If there is a certain dish that you are craving, but that dish is not on our menu, just let us know. We will prepare our version of any dish.

Everything on our menu is prepared from scratch, and made with Love, Heart, and Soul. Our menu is unique to us and i guarantee at any other establishment  you will not find flavors put together the way we put them together here at Dixon Family Catering.

We are here to cater for you. For your:
Business Meetings
Small Parties/ Get Togethers
Small Weddings/Events
Family Dinners
Personal Chef
(when you want to go out but stay in, or romantic dinners)

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Business hours


  • Greenville/ Spartanburg
    , SC



Appointments Only

  • Monday - Friday
    Appointments only
  • Saturday - Sunday
    12:00pm – 08:00pm


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